Let’s face facts: there aren’t enough hours in the day to enjoy this much goodness. Not unless you use a sick day. And you know what? It might be worth it. This week’s new iPhone and Android games offer a spectacular selection of highly anticipated indie darlings. Don’t be surprised if a few of these end up being award winners at some point.

Hidden Folks

Easily one of our most anticipated games of 2017, Hidden Folks is finally ready for gamers to explore. Hidden Folks is a unique hidden object game featuring hand-drawn scenarios that you need to physically manipulate to find your targets. Open tent flaps, clear bushes — touch everything! This one is available right now on the App Store, and will be hitting Google Play at a later date.

Slayaway Camp

One of this week’s biggest new releases is already here, and it’s five star great. Slayaway Camp is a sliding puzzle game mixed with a slasher flick, letting player’s release their inner serial killer through devilishly complicated puzzle scenarios. Read our review to learn why you should be playing this right now.

The Deep Paths

Remember how great a dungeon crawl Coldfire Keep was? It’s creator is back with a brand new adventure, and they’ve definitely taken a step forward in the graphics department. If you miss the days of D&D Gold Box games (or are just old enough to know what that phrase means), you’ll want to dive into The Deep Paths tonight.


Get ready to defend a cube in space by getting big, weaponized, and downright adorable. Evergrow is a unique twist on defense-style gameplay that sees players pulling in space debris to form a heavily militarized omino. This has “instant classic” written all over it.