Over a century ago, a woman named Maria Gonzalez married and had two kids. Life didn’t go as she had planned, however, and her husband left with the children in tow. Stricken by anger and grief, Maria waded into the waters of the Rio Cristobal and was never seen again. Well, until she started coming back as a ghost and stealing children who wandered too close to the river.

Lost Legends: The Weeping Woman is a casual hidden object game set in the warmly lit Mexican town and countryside. The local villagers started a festival in an attempt to appease the scorned spirit Maria, but their efforts seem to have been in vain. You were sent to investigate the rather unusual situation, only to witness a kidnapping with your own eyes. Hey, at least you’ll be able to write a great article once this stuff has been sorted out!


Lost Legends keeps a tight schedule of puzzle solving and mini-game diversions. Each small area consists of a few rooms packed with objects to stash in your inventory. Many of the obstacles can be cleared with items located just a screen or two away, cutting the backtracking down to a minimum. Most of the puzzles also have easy to understand logical solutions, as well. Found a sun-shaped disc? Slap it in the sun-shaped slot and you’re good to go.

Hidden object scenes come along frequently in The Weeping Woman. Each one drops a text list in front of your face with a number of items highlighted in yellow. Finding these means interacting with the scene above, but it’s more than just moving a cloth to the side or piecing together two halves of a pendant. You’ll often have to solve multi-stage puzzles that reveal bigger sections of the scene. It’s a subtle shift in hidden object design, for sure, but it’s effective, and it’s fun.


Mini-games serve as small diversions throughout your Lost Legends experience. Even though they’re simple in design, each one perfectly fits the setting and keeps you immersed in the world. The loteria card game in particular felt like a natural extension of the village and its superstitious villagers.

Lost Legends: The Weeping Woman wins big points for atmosphere and artwork. This is one hidden object game that goes to great lengths to transport you to another world, letting you feel the sun on your face and the twitch of fear when Maria rises from the river. The game makes a lot of safe design decisions, but they work wonders in concert, creating a stable and satisfying casual adventure experience.