Kongregate’s Realm Grinder promises to be the deepest idle RPG you’ve ever played. That’s quite a lofty promise given the competition is strong. Regardless of whether you agree with such a claim, there’s certainly plenty to learn as you begin playing Realm Grinder.

Gamezebo’s Realm Grinder Tips, Cheats and Strategies is here to help you get to grips with the basics behind the game. In hardly any time at all, you’re sure to have a fast growing realm, thanks to these handy tips.

The Basics


  • Tapping has you gaining coins each time, but there’s more to life than tapping. Buy buildings with the money. The game guides you through the basics but it won’t teach you the finer details.
  • For instance, buy the most expensive building you can and buy plenty of them. Don’t bother with the lower priced buildings. They’re not really worth it after you’ve unlocked better options.
  • Don’t be afraid to tap like crazy but, ultimately, you want to focus on earning money through more hands-off ways.

Pick a Side


  • Near the start of the game, you’re given a crucial option. Do you choose to go Evil or Good? Each offers different structures, and different bonuses.
  • The key here is – how do you want to play the game? If you want to be very hands-on then Good is best for you as it rewards frequent taps. Odds are you’re not going to live in the game 24/7 though, meaning Evil is the better choice.
  • Evil favors offline (or idle) production. You gain more resources whenever you’re not actively tapping or playing the game. That’s generally the route to best success when it comes to any idle clicker game.

More Choices?!

  • Ok, so you’ve picked Evil. Well done. You’ve got another decision to make now. Yikes. What faction do you choose? Your options are Goblin, Undead, or Demon. This is where things get trickier as it depends what stage of the game you’re at.
  • Starting out, go with Goblin. It’s the best faction for making money early on. Once you abdicate a couple of times, go with Undead. There are more advanced bonuses to gain this way. Abdicated even more times? Give Demon a shot.

What’s Abdicating All About?


  • Abdication is Realm Grinder’s way of resetting the game and starting over again. By doing so, you gain a significant bonus from the gems you acquire from the previous play through. Each gem equates to a 2% production bonus, as well as a 3% increase in your chances of gaining faction coins.
  • Knowing when to abdicate is key to succeeding quickly. Despite what the game says, abdicate reasonably frequently early on. As you progress, you can stockpile gems, but early on, you won’t lose much ground by abdicating fast and frequently.
  • Generally, any time you feel like your progress is stalling, it’s a good tie to abdicate.

Don’t Forget About Mana

  • Mana enables you to use special skills or spells to boost your production. Do so when you have full mana but not before. Using a special skill at maximum power is your best route to success here. For instance, the undead’s Blood Frenzy increases production for all your buildings by 1000% for 20 seconds – a hefty short bonus.
  • Follow that up with Tax Collection which instantly collects 30 seconds of income, and you’ll make a huge sum of money. Combining skills is important business.