The slow yet still thrilling trickle of Nintendo games onto the mobile market has received a slight setback today: alongside their Q3 financial reports, Nintendo disclosed that the Animal Crossing game they announced last April will not be releasing in Q4 of the current fiscal period as planned but will instead be pushed back to the next fiscal year. This means the game could come out as early as April 1st, 2017 or as late as March 31st, 2018.

Of course, until recently, Nintendo was planning to launch the game before April, which indicates it’s likely close to completion. We have to assume that will put the release date closer to Spring or Summer 2017 rather than pushed all the way back to next year. Although Nintendo still hasn’t shared details on what type of game Animal Crossing on mobile will be—there’s apparently not much room allotted for video trailers within financial reports—hopefully they’ll offset the disappointment of the delay with more info in the coming weeks.

animal crossing

The good news is that all of Nintendo’s other releases are still on schedule. Fire Emblem Heroes will still be coming out this week, February 2nd, on both iOS and Android. Super Mario Run is still slated to hit Android in March. And, of course, the Switch will launch March 3rd, much to the joy to the four people who were able to snag a pre-order.

If you’d like to see the news straight from the horse’s mouth, Nintendo’s report is publicly available here, with the release date info falling under “Consolidated Financial Forecast” on page three. And if you’d already cleared space on your device for the impending Animal Crossing game and now need something to fill the available MBs, we still think Castaway Paradise is the closest analogue on mobile right now. You can shake apple trees and decorate your house from the comfort of your phone, the perfect cure for the Animal Crossing delay blues (besides K.K. Slider).