Need something new to play? It’s shaping up to be an interesting week on the App Store and Google Play. We’ve seen some suprise new games already launch, and some quirky indie titles that we’ve been waiting for set to arrive later tonight. As always, be sure to tune in on Thursday for a complete round-up of this week’s biggest new mobile games.

Pokemon Duel

A new Pokemon game — again?? Pokemon Duel isn’t Pokemon GO, but it isn’t trying to be, either. Instead it’s a unique little board game that lives somewhere between miniature-collecting and Lara Croft GO style movement. It’s not very complex, but if you like gorgeous Pokemon models and simple fun, it’s well worth a download. Pokemon Duel is available on the App Store and Google Play right now.

A Normal Lost Phone

If you’ve ever found somebody’s lost phone, you may have opened the contacts list looking for “Home” or Spouse” in the hopes of finding its rightful owner. But things aren’t always so simple. A Normal Lost Phone is one such strange experience, and it all starts with finding a phone that isn’t yours.

Dandy Dungeon


We took a pretty extensive look at Dandy Dungeon in our recent preview, but in short, this is a wonderfully wacky game about a developer who is toiling away at their own project in their spare time. You’ll meet crazy characters, help debug the dev’s work, and frequently scratch your head wondering how much weirder things can get. This one is available a little early, too. You can grab Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Yamuda from the App Store and Google Play now.


What if a puzzle box was also a spaceship? That seems to be the question posed by imprint-X, a new puzzle game that involves plenty of clicking, poking and prodding. There’s a pretty great aesthetic in use, here. Fingers crossed it has the gameplay to match!