Developer Kurechii have already proven themselves masters of mobile-perfect gameplay wrapped in adorable packages with King’s League: Odyssey, Tiny Guardians, and Chicky Duo, and they’re looking to check off those same boxes of success with the upcoming Postknight. A free-to-play “pocket-sized RPG,” Postknight will put players in the shoes of its eponymous hero, a knight whose job is to deliver mail to the more dangerous parts of the Kurestal kingdom.

Since this is no ordinary mail-carrying route, Postknight will have to contend with more than rainy weather and snappy dogs. The usual RPG hazards stand between him and his delivery destinations, from rampaging dire wolves to gun-toting bandit chiefs who seem to hate timely mail delivery. The action stages play out similarly to RPG tappers, with your hero auto-running right along his current path and coming upon enemies as he goes. But his actions are up to you: you’ll need to tell him when to dash in to attack, when to pull up his shield to defend, and when to heal with a potion if needed. These actions have a cooldown period, so if you dash too early, you’ll be left without a powerful attack when you really need it. Luckily you can upgrade essentially everything in your arsenal, from Postknight’s own skills like strength and vitality to his armor and potion-using speed, through the EXP and items you earn in battle.

Although his ultimate goal is to get packages safely into the right hands and to slay anything that tries to stop him, Postknight will spend some of his non-slaying time interacting with villagers and even wooing eligible ladies. Yes, there appears to be some sort of dating feature included in Postknight’s adventures, requiring you to stay in touch with your NPC belle and bring her gifts in order to maintain her affections. What this means for the game—besides being an adorable diversion—is unclear at the moment, although we imagine shopkeepers with a crush on Postknight might give him a better trade, wink wink.


The world of Postknight will continue running even when you’re not playing, so those relationships can sour if you stay away too long, but you’ll at least still be delivering mail and earning rewards without actively doing so. The energy system is based on Postknight’s health which needs a short period to recover after a tough trip; you can set out again immediately with lower health or wait until you’re fully rejuvenated for an easier attempt. Thankfully his health refills fairly quickly, so the short-burst adventuring—stages usually contain about three or four mobs of enemies and last about a minute—is not bogged down by lengthy recovery. Kurechii has designed Postknight to be quick to jump into and exit if need be, and it seems like they’ve really succeeded on that front.

While Postknight’s official launch on iOS and Android will be February 9th, players can try it via early access on Google Play right now. We’ve really enjoyed what we’ve played so far (despite being destroyed by a cuddly bounding wolf on the first Hard level) and are really looking forward to opening the finished package in a few weeks.