Castle Creeps TD is a fun and cute Tower Defense game from Outplay Entertainment. With a plethora of short and fast-paced levels, there’s plenty for avid gamers to sink their teeth into. While you might feel like you know everything to expect from a Tower Defense game, there’s still some special features here for you to figure out.

Gamezebo’s Castle Creeps TD Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you get to grips with your mission to defeat many dangerous Warlords.

Daily Duties


  • Log in every day and there’s a chest just waiting for you to open up. Actually, there are two, depending on when you check in.
  • The Tower Chest is there for your perusal every 9 hours, while the Hero Chest is a 24 hour unlock. In each case, you gain items which go towards boosting your talents. Some might simply be gold, while others might be new armor for your heroes. All are pretty useful.
  • While you’re logging in regularly, check in on your quests. You get new quests every 2 hours, and some will only take seconds for you to complete. It’s a really easy way of earning Hero Keys which can then be used to unlock more chests.

Into Battle!


  • Most of the time, you’re going to be fighting it out against your enemies. There are some key general rules to consider here.
  • Choke points are vital to your success. They are areas where the path gets narrow, and the enemy has to push their way through. By pinning them in a small area, you have the best chance of taking them out.
  • Place infantry towers here. They’re cheap and cheerful. Surrounding the enemy with your own troops should slow them down significantly. Place a projectile based tower near enough to inflict some extra damage.
  • See how you’re given a heads up on the weaknesses and strengths of your enemies? Pay attention! It’s a great insight into what will work for you. Picking the right tower makes a particularly huge difference when you hit Chapter 4 and onwards.
  • Tying into that, preview what the first enemy wave is going to be. Do this by tapping on the skull to reveal the enemy type and number. This gives you some idea of what towers will be most effective.
  • The Sentinel Tower offers a huge magic attack that makes a big difference in battle. You only have limited charges, but these do refresh over time (a long time). Use it every once in a while. Especially when up against big boss battles. Make sure you always have a couple of charges in reserve though. You never know when you might need them.

Preparation is key


  • You can improve the base stats of towers outside of battle, via using resources to level them up. Work on upgrading your level 2 towers first, moving them up to rank 3 of upgrades quickly so you can unlock special abilities. Don’t worry so much about levelling up your level 1 towers. At least, not until you have plenty of resources going spare.
  • Don’t forget to upgrade your heroes. Do this at every opportunity possible. Also, use the chests to upgrade their equipment. It soon makes a hefty difference.
  • After you reach chapter 3, you unlock a new hero, with the same again happening at chapter 6. Keep things balanced with the upgrades.

Bonus Hint

  • Three starring a level gives you more resources. Don’t be afraid to replay some earlier stages. This is even better once you have two heroes to play around with rather than just one.