If Reigns taught us anything aside from the fact that gallows humor can still be really funny, it’s that it’s not that easy to be king. Reigns 2 is poised to do the same thing for life as a queen.

As reported by JeuxVideo (and passed along by the lovely people at Pocket Gamer and the power of Google Translate), Reigns 2 is in development and aiming for a release in the first half of 2017. Designer Francois Alliot says the setting will be “more modern, more ‘Marie-Antoinette,’ the classic era,” suggesting that it will take place a few more centuries closer to the present.

But the big deal is that the protagonist will be a queen instead of a king. Will there be an option to let the people eat cake, with a corresponding negative consequence on one of the game’s meters? We can only hope.

In the meantime, the original Reigns should receive a content update by the end of next month that Alliot says will “extra maps to renew the experience over time.” That could also mean more cards, which would be sweet indeed.

Here’s the full interview for those of you who speak Alliot’s language (spoiler: it’s French!):

Reigns happened to make our list of the 10 best mobile games of 2016, so you really should check it out if you haven’t thus far. It’s only a few bucks on either the App Store or Google Play, and if you start playing now, you just might get a handle on how to be a better king before Devolver asks you to be a queen.