So you want to be the greatest boxer the world has ever known? Well, that’s admirable, I guess. And since you asked so nicely, here at Gamezebo we’re only too happy to try our best to help you out. (Well, as long as you want to be the greatest boxer in Rocky. If you want to be the greatest boxer in the real world then there are probably people much better placed to help you out. We mainly know touch screen gaming around these parts.)

In this article we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of Rocky, show you some tricks you might have missed, and ensure that any time or money you spend in the game isn’t being wasted. Now let’s start building some hurtin’ bombs.

The Basics

  • Listen to Mick – In the early parts of the game, Mick will chirp up with hints and tips of his own. If you’re taking a beating in fights then it’s worth listening to what he has to say and following his advice.
  • Train to gain – While it may feel like the fighting is balanced, you’re going to want to train as much as possible to ensure that it’s weighted in your favour as much as possible.
    Attack, attack, attack – The first few fights you get into you’re going to be strong enough that blocking doesn’t really matter. Just mash those punch buttons and take your opponent down as quickly as you can.
  • Don’t waste it – Think carefully about the currency that you earn as you play. Try not to waste it on things you don’t need, otherwise you’ll find the grind getting much harder much quicker.

Advanced Techniques

  • Block, block, block – Once you’re a bit further into the game you’re going to need to concentrate far more on blocks. The real Rocky might be happy taking a beating, but when you’re against a strong opponent it only takes a few punches and you’ll be kissing the canvas.
  • Look for boosts – There are boosts hidden in the punches you throw. Some of them heal you, some of them add to your super bar. Try and grab them as often as possible as they’ll give you a real edge.
  • Train to gain even more – Look at the bar at the bottom of the training screen. There are coloured sections. Some of these gives you buffs, some of them give you de-buffs. Land your training progress in one of the sections and you’ll get what it has to offer.

Special Training

  • Use your specials – They come and go pretty quickly in a flurry of punches, but you need to use your special moves as often as you can. Use one hand to throw out punches and blocks, and keep another one free to swipe when your special is available.
  • Double or triple up – Focusing on one boxer is a good idea, but you’ll need friends. Get a few fighters in your roster and use what they earn to strengthen your main man. It might not be fair, but this is a game, and games aren’t fair at all.
  • Tournaments – When you’re strong enough try your hand at the tournaments. There are some impressive rewards if you do well enough. Here your multiple fighters are useful as well, since there’s a cool down period once you’ve used one of them in a tournament.