Still waiting for a push notification to tell you Super Mario Run is out? You can knock that off. The game is out now, and you can download it from the App Store for free — but don’t expect to get too much game for that zero dollar price tag.

Only the first three levels can be experienced before you’ll need to make a $9.99 in-app purchase — but on the upside, it’s a one-time thing. You’ll unlock everything Super Mario Run has to offer with that, which at this time includes 24 levels, the competitive “Toad Rally” mode, and the ability to slowly build up your own Mushroom Kingdom.

super mario run

Is it any good? We’re only about 20 minutes in, so we don’t really know yet. We’ve already found some things to nitpick about, but hey — we’re playing Mario on an iPhone. Let’s give it some time for the shock to wear off before we get too critical.

Enough typing. Must Mario more.