When you’ve already made one of our favorite games of the year, like Butterscotch Shenanigans did with Crashlands, you don’t necessarily have to release an awesome trailer to promote the game’s latest update. But it definitely helps get our attention.

You can see the trailer in question below, announcing the Crashlands 1.2 update, also known as the Juicemancy patch. “What is Juicemancy?” you might very reasonably ask? It’s a new form of magic, used to combine traits to make more powerful and useful weapons and items than ever before.

The devs also invite PC gamers to throw their keyboard and mouse in the trash, then fish the keyboard back out to make use of either controller support or new keyboard commands. Bluetooth controller support is in there for mobile gamers as well, plus new items and …

Heck, just take a look for yourself:

We can’t spill the beans on where Crashlands ranks among our picks for the best games of 2016 (partially because we haven’t finalized those yet), but suffice it to say that it is in the running, and more content of any kind is certainly welcome. If you haven’t checked it out yet, rectify that as soon as you can, because it’s worth every penny — and maybe even more pennies after this update.