So you want to be the finest seeker in the magical world? No not in Quidditch, in the Fantastic Beasts mobile game. Then you’re going to need a Dumbledore to walk you through some of the game’s quirks. But don’t worry, here at Gamezebo we’ve all got massive white beards, half moon glasses, and one horribly withered hand. Okay — some of that might not be true — but we have put a decent chunk of time into finding stuff in Cases From The Wizarding World.

So without further ado, here are some┬átips, cheats and strategies that’ll help you get the best scores, fill up your stars quicker, and generally leave all of the other wizards in awe at your ability to look at a screen and go “oh it’s right there.”

The Basics


  • Things tend not to move – If you’ve found something once, there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to be in the same place the next time you’re playing a particular level.
  • Remember what things are called – If you’re not a Harry Potter fan then there’s a chance some of the items you’re looking for are going to confuse you at first. So once you’ve found them, remember what it is you’re looking for for next time.
  • Watch the combos – When you’re trying to get the best scores, making sure you keep your combo score going is key. So try and find things as quickly as possible.

Tips and Tricks


  • Use the zoom – Before you use any of your hints, try pinching to zoom. When you swipe past things when you’re zoomed in, you’ll discover that items you’re searching for will sparkle, letting you find them quicker.
  • Think about your hints – Using your hints can leave you with a score deficit. So use them early in the game to find difficult things and give them a chance to recharge before the end of the level.
  • The clues – Most of the levels will have clues in them that open up mini-games and move the story along. Find these first because sometimes they can obscure other items that you might be looking for.
  • Don’t get distracted – There’s plenty going on on the screen, so it’s easy to get distracted. Find some easy things to focus your eyes to the scene and you’ll find the tougher things are much easier to spot.

Wizard Words of Wisdom


  • Stars don’t move – You can only use stars in the cases that you find them in. So there’s no point going out of a case to try and grind some more stars, because you won’t be able to use them to unlock more content.
  • Use your hints wisely – Save your characters with big hint numbers for the first time you play a level. And remember that they have long cool down times so you’ll have to use your single hint character when you’ve run out.
  • Make it snappy – There’s a lot to be said for making sure you find things as quickly as possible. Especially when you’re grinding to get new stars to unlock later parts of the game. So pay attention.
  • Play the extra levels – You’ll unlock new levels as you grab new stars, and they’ll give you more opportunities to grind in slightly different places. Just be prepared for what the game’s going to throw at you and you’ll be fine.