If you’re a regular Gamezebo reader, you know how hard it is to get our pulses racing by mentioning a new match-3 game. Sometimes it’s hard to get our pulses racing at all since as video games journalists, we tend not to exercise quite as often as we should.

Those observations aside, it’s definitely not impossible to get our attention with a concept that is sufficiently cool. We’d say that applies to Swap Sword, the upcoming game from AP Thomson (creator of Beglitched) and Diego Garcia (who gave us Sunburn, though thankfully not in the literal sense).

Swap Sword

As you can see in the trailer below, Swap Sword does indeed rely on some familiar game mechanics, but it executes them in a completely new way. Instead of swapping symbols, you’re slicing them up instead, yet still with the goal of making matches and clearing them from the board.

Making the correct matches can help you unleash special powers, which is helpful since the board is also filled with tons of enemies like sword-wielding lizard men. Make the wrong move and you’ll suffer the cruelest cut of all, since this is a roguelike affair.

Garcia informs us that some notable names in the New York game scene have already been playing Swap Sword (but not Gamezebo, which does have a New Yorker or two on staff) and vouching for its amazingness. We agree that it looks pretty boss, but will get to judge for ourselves soon anyway since Swap Sword is slated for a December 1 release on the iOS App Store.