When Dong Nguyen became a household name thanks to the rampant success of Flappy Bird, he pulled off a rags to riches story that was unlikely even for the mobile games industry. Yet because hits are sometimes so hard to follow up in this industry, there was always a pretty good chance we might never hear Nguyen’s name again once he made the decision to pull Flappy Bird from the App Store (Swing Copters not withstanding).

He’s at least trying to ensure that he’ll enjoy a different fate. As noted by Touch Arcade, Nguyen and his dotGears studio have a new game called Ninja Spinki Challenges on the way, one that appears to have little to do with flapping. Or birds.


It does, however, look to have the same type of pixelated visual aesthetic as his past games, as you can see at the game’s official website. Not much else is provided in terms of information on the site except for the fact that Ninja Spinki Challenges will release on both iOS and Android and that we should all look for it on December 15.

Potential problem: That’s the same day that Super Mario Run comes out, and Nintendo’s first true push into mobile gaming with one of its famous IPs definitely has the potential to suck all of the air out of the App Store’s atmosphere. We’ll have to see if dotGears and publisher Obokaidem are making the right call here. Maybe there’s such a thing as counter-programming in mobile games.

In any case, it’s fun to know that maybe Nguyen won’t be a one-hit wonder after all. We remember those fondly in music, but not so much when it comes to video games.