Need a pleasant distraction this week? The App Store and Google Play are coming to the rescue. As usual, we’re expecting to see plenty of new mobile games pop up late Wednesday / early Thursday on the App Store and Google Play — and of the ones we know so far, these are the four we’re most excited about:

Mikey Jumps

The Mikey Shorts series takes a new direction tonight with the releaese of Mikey Jumps, a game of auto-running challenges that blends in plenty of varying mechanics to keep players on their toes. Expect jumping, swinging, flying and more — and earn plenty of new costumes and customizations as you go.

Party Hard GO

If you can’t stand your loud neighbors, Party Hard GO offers a sort of macabre catharsis. This is a game of stealthy murders, with players eliminating one pesky party goer after another to restore the peace and quiet they’re so desperately seeking.

Carbon Warfare

Carbon Warfare Screen 4 (1)

Climate change is a problem — but you can always make things worse! “It’s up to players to find the optimal winning combination of industries and ecological disasters that will ultimately lead to the destruction of humankind,” reads the Carbon Warfare press release sent to Gamezebo. If you dig simulations like Plague Inc, this should be right up your alley.

Nellie’s Ark

Sometimes, all life needs is a really good brick-breaker. Nellie’s Ark throws in a few new twists to the classic formula, and has a happy little paddle that should keep you smiling throughout.