If you’re tired of collecting pocket monsters and are looking for your next creature-catching fix, we might have a surprising suggestion: Conan O’Brien. Or, more specifically, Conan O’Brien eating sandwiches. The lanky talk show host and consummate New Yorker is now the star of his own Pokémon Go-styled game, Catch Coco, in which you’ll roam the streets of the Big Apple searching for sightings of Conan holding various deli delights.


When you come across a Conan in the wild—and you’ll know he’s near when you hear him give a quip about a sandwich, such as “The classic bologna on white: if you’re eating this, you’re a child. If not, see a doctor.”—you simply toss his red mic or Eisenhower bust mug at him for a “catch.” This adds him to your collection of Conans, as and far as we can tell, there is no sort of evolution system, although perhaps in the future you’ll be able to level up into Fried Bologna Conan.

The GPS-utilizing map-wandering option is only open to players physically located in New York City, but non-New Yorkers can still play via the couch option. This puts a miniature Conan in your home once per day, presumably getting virtual crumbs all over your couch. Although there’s a strange sense of satisfaction in throwing things at a tiny, whitefish-holding Conan, there’s not much game beyond this in couch-mode.


The main draw is in the potential prize for catching all 15 Conans: a sweepstakes entry for one of 25 “grand prizes,” a bag of goodies from Conan/At&T valued at $100 per bag. The first player in NYC to catch all 15 Conans will win two tickets to a taping of Conan and a meeting with the sandwich hoarder himself (in addition to the gift bag the couchies win). That’s pretty good for a free app that requires little more than some walking and thumb-flicking.

If you’d like to get in on the ground floor of the new Conan-collecting craze, Catch Coco is available to download now.