Fun fact: today is my 36th birthday. I mention this not because I expect you to get me anything, but because I can’t believe how many great mobile games I get to play on my birthday. Seriously — I’m calling in sick the rest of the day to sit down and grind through these eight games. If anyone needs me, I’ll be on the couch.

Asphalt Xtreme

asphalt extreme

Few racing games have developed quite as big a following on mobile devices as the Asphalt series. The last main entry in the series, Asphalt 8, claims that it has reached a whopping 200 million players — so there’s a chance you already know how fun it can be. Asphalt Extreme, the latest entry, trades in the titular “asphalt” for some four-wheeling off-road mayhem.

The Trail – A Frontier Journey

the trail

Legendary game designer Peter Molyneux (who many of you are still mad at about Godus, but hey, we liked it) returns to mobile with a new game about… walking. Kinda. It’s really about discovery and blazing a trail, but to do that, you’ll walk through environments that will leave you breathless.

DragonVale World

dragonvale world

Haven’t you always wanted a pet dragon? DragonVale World is the long hoped for sequel to Backflip’s DragonVale — aka the game that started the whole dragon-breeding craze back in 2011. If you were ever a fan of the original (or its many imitators), now is an excellent time to jump in and see what the world of dragon breeding looks like in 2016.

DC Legends

dc legends

It was only a matter of time until somebody took the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes mold and applied it to a property with an even bigger cast of characters. DC Legends is a collect-a-thon RPG in the Galaxy of Heroes vein, and it features the one thing that it’s spacey competition is missing: a story.

Galaga Wars

galaga wars

If you ask players of a certain age to list their all-time favorite games, Galaga will come up frequently. It’s certainly one of my own picks. And Galaga Wars? It’s a fantastic modern version that no retro gamer should miss. We’ve been playing this one in Canadian soft launch, and are stoked to finally be able to share in the fun with our friends around the world.



From the creators of the hellishly difficult Mr Jump comes a new puzzle platformer about a little yellow cat. Fans of their past work will need to think a little more strategically this time around — but don’t think for a moment that Nekosan’s slower pace will make it any easier than Mr Jump once you’re deep into the game.

Space Food Truck

space truck

The creators of Tilt to Live (and the criminally overlooked Outwitters) have finally brought their PC game Space Food Truck to tablets. Up to four players will co-operatively take roles to operate an intergalactic snackbar, drawing cards and making meals as they try to keep their spaceship together. Cross-device co-op means you’ll be able to enjoy this one with your PC-wielding friends, too.

High Risers

high risers

The creator of Duet is back with a game that he describes as a mix between Leap Day and Canabalt — and that’s a really accurate assessment. Autorun and tap to jump as you try to navigate a never-ending skyscraper without falling off the side.