MOBAs are always scary to me because of how bad I am at them. For everyone else, it might take an extra addition to make them suitable for the Halloween season, which is exactly what Kick9 has just done for MOBA Legends.

The latest playable character in the game is someone that horror movie fans — and perhaps pop culture fans in general — will know all too well. It’s Chucky, the once lovable but later murderous and possessed doll from the Child’s Play movies.

moba legends chucky child's play

Considering how much havoc he wreaked on the big screen, he actually makes perfect sense for a MOBA, where he can unleash all the mayhem his evil heart desires. Chucky is no slouch either thanks to high ratings in Physical, Survival, Support and Control.

No word yet on whether Jon Gruden will be the next playable character so he can finally face off against his namesake for ultimate supremacy. As for Chucky, he’s only going to be around for a limited time before he’s off to a killing spree somewhere else. Head to the App Store or Google Play, download MOBA Legends for free and see if you can corral this force of evil for your team today. It should be, dare we say it, child’s play to deal destruction to your opponents.

We’ll see ourselves out now.