Head still spinning from the reveal of the Nintendo Switch? Pretty cool that you’ll be able to take such significant gaming experiences with you on the go.

Wait a minute, someone just handed me something. Apparently you can already have play plenty of awesome games on things called your smartphone or tablet. In HD even, and lots of the games cost you nothing to try and don’t even require a cartridge.

We tease Nintendo because we care, and while at Gamezebo we’re rooting for the Switch to succeed, we continue to soldier on in the area of actual mobile games, where there’s just as much going on as ever. As evidence, we’d like to point you toward eight games that just hit the app stores this week, all of which we believe are worth checking out.

Critical Ops

critical ops

I’m not a huge fan of the first-person shooter genre, but I’ll also be quite honest about why that is: I suck at these games. Just the worst player in the world, or right up there. That said, there’s no question that FPS titles on mobile have come a long way in a relatively short period of time, to the point where games like Critical Ops don’t necessarily need to be part of an existing console franchise to have a real shot to catch on. If you build the multiplayer right, they will come, or something like that.

Mini Metro


And now for something completely different! Mini Metro is a mobile port of an existing subway simulator game, albeit one with an unmistakable minimalist aesthetic. It’s actually something more akin to a cross between a puzzle game and a sim if that makes sense. One cool thing is that you can tackle the actual mass transit challenges of 11 real life cities, so while it may look abstract, Mini Metro is rooted in legit challenges. And it’s great — in fact, we gave it a perfect score in our review.

Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare

evil dead endless nightmare

Given that we’re getting close to Halloween, it’s only right that we all have something horror-themed to play. If you’re a fan of Bruce Campbell’s ongoing struggle against the undead and the occult, you’ll likely want to try out this new game based on the Evil Dead universe. It’s an endless runner, but with a heavy emphasis on combat. And in this case, when it says “endless,” it likely really means it, since the dead just don’t seem to want to stay dead.

Delicious – Emily’s Christmas Carol

delicious emily's christmas carol

Or we could just skip Halloween and proceed directly to Christmas, do not pass go, do not collect $200! The Delicious series is a long-running one, given that this is its 14th entry, an impressive accomplishment in and of itself. This very website gave the latest release a perfect five-star rating, so be ready for Emily to once again tickle the fancy of casual gamers by serving up a variety of holiday meals across more than 61 levels.



It’s hard to not at least be curious about any game that includes the phrase “ultimate mystic dancing experience ” in its official App Store write-up. I’m not generally one for dancing or rhythm games (at least since my joints are too old now to throw down on DDR), but there’s something about the concept and execution of Masky that immediately catches the eye. Unless it unintentionally shows up in my nightmares, which also looks possible. Nothing but outlines of people and neon-colored masks …

Blade Sliders

blade sliders

Some games are able to make you fall in love with just one trailer, and Blade Sliders is one of those. As the name implies, you control a character with a sword, one who has to do battle with hordes of zombies and other enemies. It only takes one tap to send him slicing, but the catch is that a rotating arrow controls which direction he slashes, so you’ve got to be quick and have excellent timing to be the best. I like it.

The Bug Butcher

the bug butcher

Action and humor often make for a nice mix, and The Bug Butcher looks to have them both in spades. Take on an infested research building on the planet Zoit (out past Pluto, one imagines) as Harry the exterminator. These bugs aren’t the kind that will be discouraged by a can of Raid, meaning you’ll need to bring some heavier weaponry to the party. Noodlecake Studios promises plenty of that, so what’s not to like?



Now here’s a game with an interesting premise. In RETSNOM, you’ve got a daughter infected by a zombie virus, and the only way to save her is to steal the cure — from the future. If that’s not crazy enough, the cure is hidden in a maze riddled with mirrors, making this both a platformer and a puzzle game. The cool retro graphics also look like they’re on point, and … hey, I just figured out the title! Neat.