Here’s the thing: No one likes when other people are too pushy, right? So maybe we’re coming across a little harsh when we say there are mobile games you need to play this week.

That’s not our intent. Rather, we’d like to be able to make your decisions easier, because there are tons of games to hit the App Store and Google Play each week and only so much room in the memory of your phone or tablet. Unless you’ve got one of those 256GB monsters, in which case, never mind!

But honestly, we’re just trying to do some curating to point out which games look like the creme de la creme, with the slight caveat that we haven’t played most of them yet. With that out of the way, here are the nine new games hitting app stores this week that stood out to us as the most worth trying.

Flappy Golf 2

flappy golf 2

The original Flappy Golf was released back when Flappy Bird was still sort of a thing, and it combined the same type of one-touch mechanics with Noodlecake’s knack for making excellent mini golf games. This sequel promises more of the same, but with the courses of Super Stickman Golf 3, daily races and more. Plus it’s just way, way less stressful to flap your ball to the hole than trying to hit it there. Saves on putters thrown in frustration too.

Iron Snout+

iron snout+

PC gamers shouldn’t be the only people who get to experience the adventures of a pig who knows kung fu. That’s just common sense. So Iron Snout+ brings that same joy in mobile game form, presenting “fast-paced and bacon-flavored combat.” The ‘plus’ part is because the mobile version has all of the things that were added to the Steam edition over time, though the controls have been reworked specifically for touchscreens.

Shuffle Cats

shuffle cats

There’s a certain segment of the population that loves mobile games with cards in them and an even bigger one that loves cats. Shuffle Cats should hit them right where they intersect, seeing as it’s a new twist on rummy that just happens to feature cats playing it. Also relevant: This is King’s first attempt at a live multiplayer game. If they can harness a bit of that Candy Crush magic here, look out.

Underworld: Blood Wars


We love collectible card games here at Gamezebo (note: not the entire staff, granted, but we’ll wear the rest of them down eventually). It almost doesn’t matter what the theme is, as long as the games are fun to play and not an exact rip-off of the ones that have come before. That’s a good thing, because we’re not experts on the Underworld movies and had to consult with almighty Google to see there was another one coming soon. We’ll still try this CCG based on the franchise.

Crap! I’m Broke

crap! I'm broke

As far as relatable titles for mobile games, this one ranks right up there near the top. A life simulator with a sense of humor, this game is all about the ups and downs of making it through the everyday grind all of us except heirs to family fortunes have experienced at one time or another. Living paycheck to paycheck may not sound like your idea of fun in the real world, but it looks a lot better here. Ironically, this game isn’t free, increasing your chances of actually being broke.

FIFA Mobile

fifa mobile

There’s never not going to be a FIFA mobile game, at least until our robot overlords banish all of our phones and tablets and order us into the Matrix pods somewhere a few decades from now. The aptly titled FIFA Mobile is EA’s latest idea for the franchise, one that adapts many of the same things that have worked so well for Madden Mobile. It also hates defenders, apparently, so all you center backs out there can prepare your angry tweets about this game now.

Really Bad Chess


If you’re really bad at chess, there’s a decent chance you might enjoy Really Bad Chess. Its creator intentionally set out to thumb his nose at the world’s most revered board game, throwing players into matches against an AI opponent where the number of type of piece that each side gets at the start is totally random. Crazy, right? It might not be “good,” but it does sound like good fun.

Moveless Chess

moveless chess

Two chess games on Gamezebo’s weekly recommendations list at one time? Surely that must be some kind of record (don’t look it up; it is). Moveless Chess is actually more of a puzzle game than a straight up chess game, as its drawing card is that you use action points to transform chess pieces while the AI is more or less playing standard chess in response. It’s a truly interesting concept and one that might indeed leave us with two games incorporating the word “chess” on our phones at once.

NHL SuperCard 2K17

NHL SuperCard 2K17

To renumber with the year or not to renumber with the year? That is the question that all companies who make sports games must inevitably face. While 2K has forged ahead with WWE SuperCard as a single game that simply gets updates, its hoops and hockey card games get whole new releases. That’s what has led us to NHL SuperCard 2K17, which features new rosters, Logan Couture as its poster boy … er, man, and a whole bunch of game modes. Hopefully it also has an Auston Matthews card that automatically beats all others.