Soccer season (or football, if you prefer the worldwide nomenclature) started a few months ago. So the time for soccer games is upon us, but FIFA Mobile remains MIA.

Why the game isn’t out yet remains a bit of a mystery. It’s been in soft launch in Canada for a while. Some outlets were convinced it would release in conjunction with the FIFA 17 console launch, but that game has now been out worldwide for almost a week, and still no FIFA Mobile.

It could be that EA just doesn’t think it’s ready yet. The version of FIFA Mobile on the Canadian App Store represents the third philosophical change in how to handle the monster FIFA franchise in just the last few years. EA has gone from trying a full port to concentrating solely on Ultimate Team to this latest incarnation, which is something very similar to Madden NFL Mobile.

FIFA Mobile

In other words, it features quick live events, asynchronous multiplayer (yes, even though it’s soccer, and it’s as strange as it sounds) and more social features, while retaining a card-based team building foundation. It’s not hard to imagine EA thinking it just doesn’t have the formula down pat just yet.

There are signs the game could release any day. Over the weekend, the soft launch build in Canada had a “test our servers” live event, suggesting that it was gearing up for one final push and ensuring the tech could stand up to a larger audience. The U.S. Google Play store also assures us the game is “coming soon,” though that phrase can mean any number of things.

In the meantime, there’s nothing American footie fans can do but be patient. There aren’t any more obvious dates related to real world soccer or its sibling games left, so it could literally launch at any time. But FIFA Mobile is coming, even if we don’t yet know the day.