Welcome to autumn, friends. The leaves are changing colors, there’s a new Vainglory season underway, and we have a cornucopia of exciting games on the App Store and Google Play. This week’s new releases offer a pretty great grab bag, with platformers, narrative adventures, and nightmares that live inside your very own house.

What are you going to be playing this week?

Vulture Island

The second full scale adventure from Donut Games, Vulture Island mixes puzzle platforming with point-and-click inspired puzzles, creating a unique experience that really manages to impress. Yes, there are some frustrations as mentioned in our review, but overall this is well worth a play for fans of puzzle platforming.

Sorcery! 4

Picking up where its predecessor left off, Sorcery! 4 adapts The Crown of Kings, the final book in the classic Steve Jackson series. You can start with #4 if you want, but if you’re into fantasy and gamebooks, we strongly encourage you to go back to the first game and work your way through.

Batman – The Telltale Series

After receiving glowing reviews on other platforms this past summer, Telltale’s Batman adventure finally fits in your pocket. At least, it does if you have an iPhone. The Android version is suspiciously absent from Google Play still. Cross your bat-fingers that it shows up soon.

Night Terrors: The Beginning

Imagine Pokemon GO meets The Ring, and you’ll be somewhere in the ballpark of Night Terrors. This is an AR game you play with the lights off, exploring your home as monsters peer around every corner. Five Nights at Freddy’s has nothing on this.

Faily Rider

The sequel to Faily Brakes, Faily Rider offers the one thing that players of the first game have been clamoring for: motorcycles. “Motorbikes were the number 1 requested vehicle in Faily Brakes by our fans,” Anais Riley of Spunge Games told us. “We didn’t want to tack on bikes for a game that had been designed for cars. We wanted to do bikes right, which meant re-designing the tracks, theme, and underlying driving mechanics, to encapsulate the motorbike experience.”

Dog Sled Saga

Dog sleds look like plenty of fun — but they’re also hard work. You’ll need to feed your dogs, manage your team, and even do some breeding if you want to be the top sledster in this wintry wonderland.


We loved this post-human sci-fi adventure when it released on desktops in 2014, and we’re ready to love it all over again now that it fits in our pockets. If you happen to get stuck, be sure to consult our Primordia walkthrough for all the guidance you’ll need.

Role: A Role Playing Party Game

Tabletop role-playing in a daunting endeavour — but Role wants to make it easy. Break out the app, and everything you need to get started is right at your fingertips. It’s an RPG party game with new RPG gamers in mind.

Iron Finger

While it might seem tough to recommend considering our review, it’s hard to deny that there’s a neat game underneath Iron Finger’s one big problem. A frantic mini-game collection, Iron Finger is only held back by its ad frequency. Expect to see a video ad after every short experience.