If you were hoping to play Sorcery! 4 this week, we have some bad news: it’s been delayed. The good news, though, is that there will be more than enough new on the App Store and Google Play to keep you busy this week. Here’s what we’re looking forward to playing when new releases hit mobile markets tonight:

Twisted Lines

The next game from Megagon Industries (…and then it rained), Twisted Lines is all about filling spaces by criss-crossing paths. And yes, if you play it right, each finished level should be pretty enough to hang on your wall (assuming you like right angles).

Paul Pixel

Defend the world against aliens as Paul Pixel, reluctant adventure gaming hero. Fans of classic Sierra and LucasArts adventures will want to check this one out — and you don’t have to wait for tonight, either. This one is available on the App Store now.

Swoopy Space

Ready for a colorful cosmic adventure? Umbrella Games (proprietors of fine,quick-play experiences) are publishing this new release about navigating around planets by tapping to switch left and right diagonal movement. Endless games get a planetary twist. Neat!

NCIS: Hidden Crimes

I’ve never seen NCIS. I haven’t seen CSI, either. I guess I just really hate acronyms. Regardless, if you were a fan of the hidden object gameplay in Ubisoft’s CSI: Hidden Crimes, you’ll probably dig what they’re doing in their new NCIS game — especially if you’re a fan of the show.