If you made an excellent mobile golf game, but some people preferred your other game that mashed those courses up with Flappy Bird-style gameplay, you don’t sit around and sulk. Heck no, you double down!

Noodlecake Studios is doing exactly that by releasing Flappy Golf 2 for iOS and Android later this month. Spurred on by the success of its predecessor back during the heyday of Flappy Bird and its many, many progeny, Flappy Golf 2 takes the courses from Super Stickman Golf 3 and places you in direct control of the ball, which you advance to the hole by, well, flapping it around.

Anyone who’s thrown a golf club in frustration after a misplaced drive may disagree, but even guiding the ball doesn’t mean it’s not a challenge, as real physics need to be mastered to succeed in solo or multiplayer (both online and local) action. Take a look for yourself in the game’s trailer:

Noodlecake says we can expect more courses to be released beyond the 29 available at launch, the return of the popular Race Mode, and a Super Star Mode that can be unlocked by earning three stars on every course. Plus the game is completely ad-supported with no IAPs.

That should be all the motivation you need to flap over to the App Store or Google Play on September 22 so you can aim for birdies of another kind.

Oh yeah, we went there.