Looking to put a little fun in your pocket? This week has a few great options for iPhone and Android gamers that range from disco to despotism. Our picks for this week’s 10 most exciting new iPhone, iPad and Android games are:



A new point-and-click adventure with a strong focus on puzzles, Isoland offers plenty of brain-achingly interesting moments (and a pretty terrific art style, too). And if you get stuck? You might just want to bookmark our Isoland walkthrough.

Jewel Quest Seven Seas

jewel quest seven seas

The seventh entry in the popular Jewel Quest match-3 series has arrived, as as stated in our review, it’s pretty great. Get ready for something a bit meatier than you’re used to on mobile.

Disco Dave

disco dave

Bounce around the dance floor avoiding the grey tiles and racking up huge combos by stepping where you’ll look coolest. There are plenty of dancers to unlock here, so if you like a poppin’ 70’s beat, you’ll want to download this one ASAP.

Big Fishy

big fishy

Big Fishy isn’t your average kind of fishing game. It’s about gorgeously flat-drawn fish and drawing shapes with your finger to catch them. Definitely a neat distraction to put in your pocket this week.

Head of State

head of state

Whether you’re a fan of games like Democracy or Dictator — or just fascinated by the current election cycle — you’ll want to check out Head of State. It’s a game of political uprising that puts you as the social malcontent on their rise to power.

Atomic Super Lander

atomic super lander

Ready for a mashup of classic arcade ideas? Atomic Super Lander merges “lander” style gameplay with bursts of crazy action platforming. The results are… wait for it… OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Stretch Dungeon

stretchy dungeon

It’s time for a good old fashioned prison break! The latest game from Nitrome has you helping a roly poly convict by squeezing the walls to control his movement. I haven’t checked, but I’m pretty sure Nitrome is just German for “weird idea factory.”



Explore a gorgeous flooded city by boat as you search for a way to help your injured brother. Submerged is an open world experience that received a lot of praise when it first hit desktops and consoles last year, so we’re delighted to see it make its way to mobile devices.

Color Bots

color bots

The latest game from Foursaken Media (War Tortoise) has players defending against an army of “Globbers,” aka color-based opponents, by unlocking and upgrading a huge variety of battle-friendly robots.



A roguelike RPG game of post-World War Three survival, Skyhill has players exploring out beyond the comfort of their penthouse suite in search of other survivors. Engage in turn-based combat, pray the elevators still work, and try to live to see another day.