Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits is a surprisingly enjoyable game of kicking, punching and matching things. But what’s even more surprising is how much depth there is to pretty much every aspect of the experience. It’s not just about tapping blindly — there’s a lot to consider with each move you make and each card you add to your deck.

And that’s where this guide comes in. We’re going to show you how to get the most out of the various different mechanics the game throws at you, from the fisticuffs to the card juggling. Read all of this carefully and there’s a decent chance you’ll be hadoukening your way through your foes in no time short.

There’s still plenty you’re going to have to discover for yourself, but with these Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits Tips, Cheats and Strategies,¬†you’re going to be able to build up your confidence and your skills, and make sure you’re prepared for the challenges the game is going to throw at you as you get deeper into it.

The Basics

Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Combos are king – You need to focus on unlocking combo mode as often as you can. There are three very good reasons for this.
  • Changing your hue – After a decent combo mode you usually get a chance to play one of your cards. While to begin with these won’t do much damage, they play another important role in letting you change the colour of your character. This can negate the amount of damage you take when your opponent attacks.
  • Big damage – Combos are also the best way to deliver damage to your opponent. Chain together a number of matches and you can watch a foe’s health bar reduce dramatically before your very eyes. The tougher the opponent, the more combos you’re going to need to use.
  • Taking a breath – The third thing about combos is that they don’t reduce your move counter. So every attack you get in while you’re in combo mode is essentially free because you’re not getting any closer to the smackdown your opponent is getting ready to throw at you.

More Fight Tips

Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Think a while – There’s no time limit when you’re not in combo mode, so take a while and consider the moves you’re going to make. You should always be moving towards opening a new combo phase, so look for the moves that are going to create rainbow spirits and put them close each other.
  • Follow your fingers – Remember that the spirit you tap on is going to become the next level spirit when everything has cleared out. If you’re clearing in a vertical line then the spirit that appears at the end is going to drop to the bottom of that line. Use corners to keep spirits in the same place.
  • What do they do? – Learn the attacks that your opponent is going to use and prepare for them accordingly. It’s not just about the colour of attack they’re using, but the affect that attack is going to have on your board. It’s annoying to get two rainbow spirits in just the right place only for them to get shuffled when you get smacked in the mouth.

Hints and Tips

Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Build your deck – The game might never actually mention it, but there’s a huge amount you can do with the cards you collect. Use them to ensure you’ve got as many attacking and defending possibilities covered as you can, and join them together to make them more powerful.
  • Make friends – Adding friends when you’ve used their characters in a fight gives both of you bonuses if the other player accepts your friend request.
  • Make good friends – Don’t always look at the rank of the character you’re taking in to help. Instead look at the attack damage they do, and the colour of the attack they allow you to unleash. Try and use this to balance any weaknesses you might have in your deck.