With thousands of games hitting the App Store and Google Play every month, it can be hard to figure out which games are worth your time. Of the typhoon of new releases to sweep through mobile marketplaces in August, we’ve picked the following 10 as the games most deserving if your attention.



Kingdom management was beautifully streamlined this month with the release of Reigns, a game of decision making via Tinder-style swipes left and right. It’s charming, clever, and takes a good deal of finesse to make each reign last longer than the one before it.

Return to Grisly Manor

Return to Grisly Manor Review

The Secret of Grisly Manor was one of the better casual adventure games to grace mobile devices, so it should come as no surprise that its sequel knocked our socks off, too. Just don’t let the title fool you — these games are quirky, not grisly, and the scenes and puzzles that you’ll engage with are downright lovely.

Satellina Zero

satellina zero

A spin-off from last year’s Satellina, Satellina Zero takes the first game’s appearance and wraps it around a unique endless runner. Make music and switch colors for as long as you can.

Delicious: Emily’s Message in a Bottle


The latest Delicious: Emily time management game takes us on a journey through Emily’s history. It’s colorful, well-paced time management fun — just like fans have come to expect from the series.

Road Not Taken


SpryFox have made plenty of great mobile games (AlphaBear, Triple Town, Bushido Bear), but when Road Not Taken was released a while back and didn’t come to mobile… well, I suppose we felt a bit left out in the cold. Now it’s finally playable in our pockets, and we couldn’t be happier. This is a strategy / puzzle game that has players on the hunt for children lost in a snowstorm, levitating objects and enemies along the way.

Space Marshals 2


Twin stick shooters are great, but they always have so much shooting. What about stealth? And cover? Space Marshals 2, like its predecessor, takes these additional elements into account — and the result is a game with a lot more strategy than most in the twin stick genre.


Outfolded Guide

Have you ever taken a cube apart, even if only in a mathematics textbook? Outfolded is a game that plays with that idea, asking players to unfold shapes to cover the necessary terrain.



From the creators of Last Voyage comes an experience that lives inside a computer.  Guide your avatar towards things that need to be activated, avoid things that need to be avoided, and become completely entranced by its audio visual journey.

Mr. Robot: 1.51exfiltrati0n


Fans of Mr. Robot and fans of narrative fiction alike were gushing about this one in August. Made in partnership with Telltale Games, this text-based adventure simulates real-world texting as it presents its decision-making to you. They’re going for something truly immersive here, and while we’ve seen this sort of thing done before, I’m not sure if we’ve ever seen it done this well.

Hero Generations


Family life is hard. You’re born, you live, have kids, and probably get ripped apart by demons. Then your kids grow up and get to go through it all themselves. Hero Generations is a strategy game of familial ties. Lineage has never been this neat.