When Snowman, the team behind Alto’s Adventure, revealed that they’d partnered with The Game Band on something called “Where Cards Fall,” our curiosity was definitely piqued — but we couldn’t have even begun to imagine a game that looks like this:

While Alto’s Adventure was masterful in its art style, there’s a level of technical prowess being shown in this trailer that’s above and beyond anything we might have expected from an indie studio team-up. We’re honestly not sure if this is just a cinematic or something generated in-engine, but it has left our jaws on the floor regardless.

Snowman and The Game Band are still being coy about the actual gameplay, but have confirmed in the past (and today to The Verge) that the building of a house of cards — much like you see at the end of the trailer — is very much a part of the experience.

There’s no formal announcement of platforms just yet, but we’d be surprised if we didn’t see this one roll out onto mobile when it’s released in 2017.