The king is dead. Now it’s your turn.

You must wrestle for control of a kingdom following King Arthur’s untimely demise. An evil sorceress, wild beasts and rival city lords are all that stand in your way. That’s the premise of King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare, the latest MMO game from Beijing-based FunPlus.

The game mixes base building with strategic battle. You can build armies, raise dragons, develop new skills and forge allegiances with other players to take on foes. There are regular updates to keep the gameplay fresh and bug-free, including a recent Game of Thrones inspired crossover. Winter is coming… although fire-breathing dragons do take the chill off.

King of Avalon was developed by King Group Studio, with assistance from FunPlus’ new PublishingPlus program. PublishingPlus injects the necessary funds and expertise into an indie project to get it ready for market, without creators having to sacrifice ownership of the game.


King of Avalon follows on from previous FunPlus social gaming successes. It’s Facebook release Family Farm has achieved over 100 million registered players, and Dot Arena managed over 10 million downloads from the App Store and Google Play.

So why not build your very own Camelot? You can download King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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