Summer is winding down. If you’re looking forward to your last big weekend of camping or beach time, we wish you the best of luck. If you’re not? Maybe you just need to kick back on your porch with a tall lemonade and a cool mobile game.

There are at least three coming games out tonight that match this description, so if you need a little something to get your weekend started right, the selection below should offer more than enough of a starting point. Expect these to hit the App Store and Google Play before midnight, and plenty more titles to launch before morning.

Deus Ex GO

After Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO, Square Enix knew they had a hit formula on their hands. Heck — Lara Croft GO was evenĀ Apple’s 2015 Game of the Year. The next franchise to get the turn-based, puzzling GO treatment is is the cyberpunk world of Deus Ex, and if you ask us, it looks like a pretty natural fit for stealthy puzzle gaming.

Mr. Robot: 1.51exfiltratiOn

We’ve seen a lot of games that play with narrative in recent years, but this Telltale / Night School collaboration might be one of the most coolest. It’s set in the world of the hit hacker TV show Mr. Robot, and it takes place entirely through text messages, immersing you completely in the experience. It sounds a little like the Lifeline formula, but there’s something about this one that just seems unique. This one has hit the mobile marketplace a little early, so you can get it from the App Store and Google Play right now.

Legend of the Skyfish

If you’ve been hoping for more Zelda-like puzzles and exploration on mobile, Legend of the Skyfish might just be for you. Plus, you can solve all of your problems with a fishing pole. What says “dog days of summer” more than that?