Need something spectacular to dive into on your iPhone or Android device this week? The last seven days brought a bevvy of pretty neat releases worth checking out. You can find our picks for the top 12 below:

Delicious – Emily’s Message in a Bottle

delicious emily's message in a bottle

Despite their origins on desktop computers, time management games feel right at home on mobile devices. And the latest Delicious Emily game? It’s among the best of them. We absolutely loved it in our PC review, and if you have a mobile device, now you can find out why firsthand.

Saber’s Edge

saber's edge

A fun match-3 fighter that was previously an Amazon Fire Phone exclusive is now available on devices you might just own.



A refreshing spin on interactive fiction, Reigns lets players swipe left and right to issue commands — kind of like dating on Tinder. It’s clever, it’s fun, and it lets you live through dynasty after dynasty. Reigns is this week’s must have.

Fish Fist

fish fist

Sometimes you just need to punch a fish.

Midnight Star Renegade

midnight star renegade

Here’s something we weren’t expecting — a spin-off to last year’s mobile shooter Midnight Star. It was a gorgeous, albeit simplified shooter that didn’t make quite the impact we were expecting. Maybe Renegade can become the household name that the first game didn’t?

Tetris Battle Drop


Everybody loves Tetris — but sometimes you just want a fresh spin on it. Tetris Battle Drop isn’t totally fresh — it’s the continuation of a Facebook game that we adored back in 2011 — but if you somehow missed that, you’ll be tickled pink by the competitive twist that Tetris Battle Drop has to offer.

Satellina Zero

satellina zero

From the developer of Satellina comes a game that’s… well, it’s nothing like Satellina. Regardless of its differences, it’s still pretty great. Endless gameplay meets color switching and a soundtrack that your play contributes to.

Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small

agricola all creature big and small

Board game fanatics know the Agricola brand quite well at this point. All Creatures Big and Small is the bite-sized counterpart to its much larger cousin, offer a two player experience focused entirely on animal husbandry.