Mobius Final Fantasy is, it’s fair to say, a pretty massive game. There’s so much going on in it that it’s easy to get overwhelmed, and since the tutorial only runs once, if you miss something you might be in trouble.

But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. In our Mobius Final Fantasy guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of the game, as well as making sure you’ve always got an edge in combat. We’ll even throw some top strategies at you. We’re good like that.

The Basics

Mobius Final Fantasy Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Tap to kill – The basic rhythm of the game involves tapping the screen to kill bad guys. You get three taps every round. These can be used as basic attacks, more powerful spells, or buffs to protect you.
  • Level structure – The levels are broken up into a number of fights. You can’t run away in the middle of a level, and usually the last fight is the toughest.
  • Rewards – You’ll get rewards every time you do, well pretty much anything. These come in the shape of new cards to add to your deck and potions and currencies that you can spend in a variety of different ways. Remember to grab them all as space is limited and you’ll stop receiving rewards if the game doesn’t have anywhere to put them.
  • Elements – The game is based around elemental magic, so getting to grips with this idea is very important. Each element is strong against one and weak against another, and different jobs have different elemental properties as well.


Mobius Final Fantasy Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • The orbs – The orb system is probably the most confusing bit of Mobius Final Fantasy. You unlock your powers by collecting orbs which float around the bad guys you’re smashing.
  • More orbs – There’s no way to collect them in a specific order, you just get what you’re given. There are, however, ways to stack the orbs in your advantage.
  • Buffs – Every monster you fight has an element. Defending against this element using one of your buffs has two effects. First it ups your resistance to the enemy’s element, and second it means you’re less likely to pick up orbs of that variety. And you don’t want to be using special powers that the enemy has resistance to.
  • Healing orbs – Purple orbs let you heal. You can do this in the same way you set up a protective spell. Long push on the button and then select the purple option in the top right corner.


Mobius Final Fantasy Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Auto it up – For the first few fights of a level there’s rarely any challenge. You can set these to auto so you don’t have to bother tapping. When things get tougher tap the screen to take control again.
  • Save your big attacks – You’ll collect orbs in these first few rounds, but it’s a good idea to save them for tougher enemies. A break, which sees you knocking down an opponent, is much easier to pull off if you hit the big bad with a powerful attack to turn its gauge red.
  • Limit attack – The same goes for your limit attack. Having this ready for when you break a big boss means you can do some pretty spectacular damage while only using a single attack slot.
  • Jobs – Experiment with different job types as and when you get them. Don’t automatically fuse cards that are powerful but useless for the build you’re using. Keep them for when you get a new job card and they become useful.
  • Make friends – Always send a friend request when you use someone’s card. If it’s accepted you’ll both get rewards that you can only grab by making connections.