Another week, another huge list of new mobile games. At least, there will be tomorrow. New releases can hit at any time, but the bulk of them tend to arrive Wednesday evening into early Thursday. If you’re looking for something to play this Wednesday evening, there are some pretty great choices in store:

Mobius Final Fantasy

If you’re a fan of mobile RPGs, today is a very big day. Sneaking on the App Store and Google Play just ahead of the typical new release day, Mobius Final Fantasy is a free-to-play experience with console quality graphics. It was on our radar a long while back, but after launching in Japan last year, we had started to wonder if this might be region-locked release. Glad to see we were wrong.

Tap Hero

Ready for a little quick play game of medieval survival? Tap Hero has players tapping left and right to fight off archers, mages and more. Tap Hero looks a little like a cross between Timberman and Iron Snout, which seems like something we could very much get behind.

One Show Only

This one looks strange, but as a sucker for a good detective story I’m willing to give it a go. Playing the detective, it’s up to you to interrogate five different witnesses to a murder to uncover the truth. In a really neat twist, these interrogations take the form of a card game.

Do U Even Tap?

WELL DO U? (Find out now — this idle clicker launched on the App Store and Google Play before the Thursday onslaught).