After endless weeks of huge releases, the dog days of summer have finally hit the App Store and Google Play. Things are looking mighty quiet around here — but that doesn’t mean we’re completely devoid of awesome games worth checking out.

A pair of ports, an Apple Watch exclusive, and an alternative to sausage top our list of picks for this week.



One of the coolest PlayStation Vita exclusives is exclusive no more! Severed is now on the App Store, and tells the story of an amputee swordsman and her quest to reunite with her family. This one has been praised for its great use of touch screen controls (something you don’t often hear outside of mobile), making it a natural fit for mobile gamers.

Cosmos Rings

cosmos rings

Here’s a weird one for you: Square Enix has just launched a new RPG (possibly related to the Chaos Rings series?) that’s exclusive to your Apple Watch. We haven’t seen many games take advantage of this device — and even fewer that are exclusively playable on it — so if you’re a Watch owner, you’re really going to want to check this one out.

Road Not Taken

road not taken

Spry Fox have always made great mobile games, from Triple Town and Alphabear to this year’s Bushido Bear. But in 2014, they released a game for consoles and desktops that left smartphone players out in the cold. Fear not, iPhone friends! Road Not Taken has just hit the App Store, bringing all of its unique turn-based roguelike puzzling with it.



Relaxed puzzle games are wonderful. Blyss is described as “a self-evolving endless puzzle experience,” and offers a fairly casual, zen-like trip into puzzle gaming. If that’s your jam, Blyss should be too.

Duck Roll

duck roll

If you’re a PC gamer with a love of puzzles, you’ve hopefully had a chance to play Stephen’s Sausage Roll. You either love it and praise its ingenuity, or curse its damned near impossible difficulty. I fell into the latter camp (you can listen to me gripe and curse about it here) — which is why I’m so excited by Duck Roll. Rumor has it that you’ll find similar gameplay, but with a far more accessible challenge.

Tinker Island

tinker island

A new survival game that mixes resource foraging, combat, and text-based decision making? WE’RE IN!