It’s been a while since Humble cooled their jets on the Humble Mobile Bundle program, slowing their Android games bundle releases to a crawl. You can’t blame them for it; Humble Mobile was a victim of its own success. It proved popular enough that a new bundle appeared every two weeks, and once that happened, it just sort of stopped feeling… special, I guess.

Now, after a long interval since bundle #18, the Humble Mobile Bundle is back — and feeling very special indeed!

Android gamers looking for some great games (for little money) will definitely want to jump in on the following. Here’s what Humble Mobile Bundle 19 has to offer:

Pay what you want for…

  • Chameleon Run (review)
  • Ys Chronicles II
  • Hitman Go (review)

Beat the average and also get…

  • Punch Club (review)
  • Super Stickman Golf 3 Premium (review)

Pay $6 or more and also get…

  • The Banner Saga (review)
  • Dropsy

As always, this is a time-limited event. Be sure to grab your bundle before August 9th.