Cathy’s Crafts is a time management game centered around speed and efficiency. You can click and help customers as fast as your mouse can move, but to maximize your score and grab that gold star in each level, you’ll need some tactical optimization.

With our Cathy’s Crafts Tips, Cheats and Strategies in your pocket, you’ll have Cathy’s craft business booming in no time!

Chains, Chains, and More Chains

  • Each area has a slightly different points requirement for earning bronze, silver and gold stars. Near the beginning of the game the bar is set quite low. By the time you reach levels five and six, however, you’ll have to pull in over 2,000 points just to grab the bronze. That’s a lot of crafts, and a lot of customers!

Cathy's Crafts Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • The best way to earn points is to focus on chain combos. Lining up identical actions can double or even triple the points earned for a task, making those shinier stars well within your reach. Try not to serve single customers, wait until at least two separate groups need your attention before springing into action. If you can deliver orders to two tables in a row, you just earned serious bonus points. As long as a customer’s patience points don’t drop, you’re not in any danger of losing their business.
  • To really maximize your points, try to shoot for Full Order and Quick bonuses with every customer. If you deliver all the items a table orders in one trip, you get a few extra points as a reward. Quick bonuses are worth three times the Full Order amount, so if you have to choose between the two, go for speed.
  • The easiest place to get a chain combo is at the register. Wait for at least two customers to stand in line with the money icon over their head, then ring them up all at once. You’ll get a massive points bonus as well as a fistful of extra cash!

Cathy's Crafts Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Cathy’s Forecast

  • Before each level begins you’ll get a forecast of the customers expected to walk in that day. This gives you an opportunity to customize your inventory to match projected demand. It’s as simple as clicking the swap arrows and choosing an item that matches the customers’ picture, then continuing until the most numerous customers have the most items.
  • If you really want to play the prediction game, look at each clients’ description and watch for those with low patience. They’ll need to be served more quickly than high patience customers, so make sure you’ve got easy goods to give them as soon as they step through the door.

Cathy's Crafts Tips, Cheats and Strategies

That Darn Cat

  • Most levels in Cathy’s Crafts feature Ming the cat, a fluffy furball that wanders the sales floor during business hours. Some customers love having him around, but others can’t stand him. They’re the ones you need to keep an eye on. If Ming starts to bother a table, click on his food bowl as fast as you can. It takes a few moments for Cathy to drop the food and Ming to leave the customers alone, so make it your top priority, otherwise you’ll have a table full of angry, impatient crafters.
  • Each customer type has a different preference when it comes to cats. If you can’t remember which ones like or dislike them, pause the game and click on the “customers” button in the menu. You’ll see a quick summary of your clients along with their opinion on felines.

Cathy's Crafts Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Other Tips and Tricks

  • Buy shop upgrades as soon as you have the money. There’s no point in holding on to cash when you can use it to make your customers happier.
  • Keep an eye out for the mouse in each level. You’ll hear a tiny squeak just before he pops his head on the screen.
  • Some levels have optional tasks such as signing for deliveries as they come through the door. You can usually miss one and still complete the task 100%. They’re never a priority, so don’t let your customers suffer.
  • When a table needs cleaning, click on it immediately. Cathy’s friend Kendra is usually around to do this job, so you don’t have to worry about interrupting Cathy’s queue of tasks.