Need something new to fill your time when you’re stuck at the office and not walking around catching Pokemon? Don’t worry iPhone and Android gamers — we’ve got you covered. Here’s what’s new that you’ll want to know about this week:

Dots & Co

dots & co

Among puzzle aficionados, Dots and TwoDots are generally considered among the very best games to have ever graced mobile devices. This week the series gets a third entry in Dots & Co, adding new companions with unique powers that haven’t been seen before.

Suicide Squad: Special Ops

suicide squad special ops

One of this summer’s biggest blockbusters just got a surprise mobile game. It’s full of action, and completely free. There’s nary an in-app purchase in sight. See the movie, play the game, be a badass.

Cathy’s Crafts

cathy's crafts

GameHouse makes some pretty spectacular time management games, so it should come as little surprise that Cathy’s Crafts earned a perfect score from Gamezebo when it debuted on PC last month. Now mobile gamers can get in on the fun too!

Guild of Dungeoneering

guild of dungeoneering

Man oh man, have we been waiting to play Guild of Dungeoneering for a while. A “reverse roguelike,” the game debuted on desktops last year and sees players controlling not a hero, but the dungeon around him. A great pen-and-paper art style seals the deal for those who love a tabletop vibe. Fans of turn-based strategy games should really get a kick out of this one.

Rooms of Doom

rooms of doom

An endless runner meets a mini-game collection, ensuring plenty of variety as a result? Hard to pass on a sales pitch like that. Rooms of Doom promises 12 different endless rooms offering different gameplay, and plenty of characters to unlock.

Ya Gotta, Pinata!

ya gotta pinata

Birthday parties are fun for just about everyone — unless you’re a pinata. Still, that doesn’t mean they can’t try to wear a smile before they march to their inevitable doom. Form colorful conga lines in this nifty twist on Snake.



A stylish new adventure with a variety puzzling challenges, Cubway will have players completing levels through perfected timing, switching movement directions, blowing on their devices, and more.

ReRunners: Race for the World


Do you think you’re good at runner games? It’s time to find out as you go toe-to-toe with other players in ReRunners, a competitive racing game packed with jetpacks, bombs, and other crazy power-ups to keep players on their toes.

Rival Fire

rival fire

Glu are no strangers to the world of cover-based shooters, so it’s interesting to see them take steps to involve the genre a bit. Rival Fire is their first attempt at a cover-based shooter with co-op gameplay (as well as deathmatches), supporting up to four players at once.

Bulb Boy

bulb boy

A gorgeous, spooky, horror-twist on point-and-click adventures, Bulb Boy sees players guiding a hero as he tries to rescue his family from the nightmare creatures that have taken over his home. Bulb Boy received rave reviews in its initial PC release last year, so expect something creepy yet satisfying.

Sand Wars

sand wars

It’s been awhile since we’ve featured a tower-defense style game on Gamezebo, but its mix of charming art and drawn path-making helped to put Sand Wars on our radar this week. Let’s hope it plays as good as it looks!