There are big weeks on mobile, and then there are BIG weeks on mobile. This week is very much the latter. Huge franchises, a big celebrity, and one of last year’s very best games finally comes to Android.

It’s a very good week to be a mobile gamer.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

final fantasy brave exvius

A brand new, fully-fledged Final Fantasy built from the ground up with mobile gamers in mind. If that sentence didn’t make you drool uncontrollably, this probably isn’t the right game for you. If it did? WELCOME TO PARADISE!

CSR Racing 2

csr racing 2

NaturalMotion had a huge hit on their hands a few years ago with CSR Racing; a game of tuning muscle cars testing them against other players, so it’s only “natural” that they’d bring a sequel to the App Store and Google Play. This one has been in the works for a good long time, and according to our review, the wait has thoroughly paid off.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

lego star wars force awakens

Here’s an interesting one: LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens on mobile launched day and date alongside its console counterparts this week — but is it the same game? Yes and no. You can enjoy the first bit of play for free, but unlike its bigger sibling, you’ll have to buy new levels and characters that will be released sporadically throughout the year to complete the adventure.

Farm Heroes Super Saga

farm heroes super saga

Need a little more match-3 in your life? King has just launched the sequel to one of their most popular puzzle games, and this time things get a little windy. Be sure to check out our full review, and get a leg up with our Farm Heroes Super Saga tips, cheats and strategies.

Her Story


One of 2015’s best games finally came to Android this week. If you enjoy games that play with narrative, few are quite as successful in experimentation as Her Story. Piece together a mystery by searching through a police database to watch snippets of interrogation tapes that take you further and further down the rabbit hole.

Gordon Ramsay DASH

gordon ramsay dash

Glu has released a really sensible celebrity game, pairing their hit Diner Dash franchise with the world’s most famous chef. (Fingers crossed this leads to a Hotel Dash / Hotel Hell crossover someday!)

Twilight Struggle

twilight struggle

For a number of years, Twilight Struggle was the #1 board game in the world according to users at BoardGameGeek (the web’s de facto gathering place for tabletop hobbyists). If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about, but didn’t want to spend an absurd amount of money on the physical version, you can join all of the Cold War drama with a tidy little purchase for your iPad.

Pocket Arcade Story

pocket arcade story

After dabbling their toes recently in the world of free-to-play, Kairosoft are returning to the paid formula that’s always worked so well for them. Run your very own arcade this time, just like your dreams in the 1980’s promised you!



Ready for a game that’s deceptively challenging? Teeter tasks players with carefully guiding a ball by teetering a board left and right. You’ll need to bypass dangers (and just not drop it!) if you want to succeed time and again.

The Little Fox

the little fox

Are you a longtime fan of The Little Prince? If so, this should be high on your radar this week. It’s an alternate telling of that tale, starring a fox who travels across 13 wildly different planets.

Neo Turf Masters

neo turf masters

An NEO GEO golf classic is reborn on mobile devices thanks to DotEmu. If you’ve ever spent an afternoon playing arcade golf in the 90’s, it was either this or Golden Tee.