Developers, publishers – rejoice: new online portal APPTUTTi offers an unique opportunity for those looking to see their work travel further than the traditional options of the App Store and Google Play.

Following a Chinese study, entitled Mobile Advertising & User Acquisition, it was revealed that the Chinese mobile gaming industry will bring in $10 billion this year, with a view for this to raise to $13.9 billion by 2019.

Naturally, developers want to get their creations over to the Chinese stores but often struggle to penetrate the market. New service APPTUTTi works by simply uploading your title, then utilising the tools available to ensure it’s suitable for the new audience.

The service also allows for apps to be promoted through Chinese social media services such as WeChat, QQ and QZone. Alongside this, developers get access to the SuperSDK All-To-Go series to assist with the transition.

Currently available to try out for free, the service is something that should definitely be at the top of the priority lists of budding developers and publishers alike. What’s there to lose?

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