If your area is anything like mine, there’s plenty of rain heading your way this weekend. Cancel your plans for the beach. Mowing the lawn can wait until Monday. It’s time to bunker down, stay dry, and pass the time the best way we know how: by playing the latest iPhone, iPad, and Android games.



Kiloo are no strangers to big ideas on mobile — and mixing Infinity Blade-inspired combat with open-world RPG gameplay clearly earns that distinction. This isn’t their first attempt at swipe-based combat games, and considering how much we loved their first attempt (Stormblades), we can’t help but have high hopes for the second.

1979 Revolution1979 Revolution

Telltale-style narrative gaming has been used to thrill players for nearly a decade now — but can it inform them too? that’s the question posed by 1979 Revolution, a game set during a turbulent moment in Iran’s past that’s meant to open the eyes of players to a key moment in world history.

Frantic Shooter

frantic shooter


Quest to Aztlan

quest to aztlan

A new mobile RPG with real-time battles and a cool art style about finding a lost city? You have our attention, Quest to Aztlan.

Adventure Company

adventure company

Foursaken Media seem to release great games like clockwork. It feels like only yesterday that their last release, War Tortoise, was upon us. And now, heading in a much different direction, the studio has launched Adventure Company: a game about assembling a group of warriors to level up and find loot with.



Puzzle games don’t get much more puzzly than this. Players need to move shapes to recreate a sample shown above while contending with overlapping pieces creating negative colors. Good luck, puzzle players.

Paranormal Minis

paranormal minis

The creators of Random Heroes and League of Evil have decided to kick things up a notch in terms of visuals for their latest release, an action game about well-armed doomsday preppers and otherworldly / supernatural target practice.