Ketchapp Basketball is the latest in a long-line of simple mobile titles from the studio. Unsurprisingly this one involves tossing a ball through a ring to earn some points. You swipe the ball to shoot, and earn a point if it goes into the basket, and two points if it goes in without touching the ring. And that’s about it really.

Well, no it’s not, because after a few shots the hoop starts moving about, so you need to start timing your shots to score you points when it’s in just the right place. Miss once and it’s game over.There’s a collectible meta-game going on underneath everything as well. Stars pop-up from time to time and if you hit one with the ball you’ll collect it.


Grab a hundred stars and you can spin a machine to get a new colour ball. These differently hued rocks don’t seem to change the way the game plays, but they add a bit of compulsion to keep going. Deeper into the game things with the hoop start to get even crazier as well, with multiple rings, extra balls, and bouncy walls thrown in for good measure.

And it’s all pretty solid! It’s definitely not the most original game on the App Store or Google Play (in fact, it feels an awful lot like the Facebook Messenger b-ball everyone was playing earlier this year), but then that’s not Ketchapp’s selling point. This is a slick, enjoyable diversion, but nothing more, and you can grab it right now on iOS and Android for nothing.