If you’ve played Wrassling or Battle Golf, then you’re probably already a fan of Colin Lane’s work. And his latest, a collaboration with Matthew Barrie, is more of the same — another weirdly wonderful take on sport.

This time the game revolves around skateboarding down a never-ending hill. You tap to steer, with each push of the screen sending you in a different direction.

board to life

There are yellow arrows to skate over as well. Hit these and not only will you pull off an impressive trick, you’ll also get a point. The more points you get, the better you’ve done on your run.

There are shades of Crossy Road here, with extra characters to unlock as you nab more coins. These are scattered around the levels, or you can watch videos to stock up your coffers.

Throw in that everything is presented in beautifully blocky pixel art graphics, and the fact that you can skate into old women crossing the road and end up dead in a pool of your own skaterly blood, and you’re left with an enticing proposition.

The game is out right now on the App Store, it won’t cost you a thing to give it a go. If you’re a fan of the slightly wacky styling of Lane’s other games, you’re in for a treat.