If you like cartoons and puzzle games, and love it when the two are mashed together into a fourth wall-breaking melange of colours and shapes, then you’re probably dancing for joy right now.

That’s because Gamevil and Cartoon Network have teamed up to bring Adventure Time content to line-drawing head scratcher Dungeon Link.

The update, which is live on the App Store and Google Play right now, adds a massive swathe of new bits and bobs to the game, and there’s more promised in future updates as well.┬áRight off the bat you’ll get new Adventure Time summons that give you the chance to grab one of more than 20 AT additions to the roster. There’s Jake, there’s Finn, there’s at least 18 more.

You also get access to three new episodes, each set in the Adventure Time universe. Expect epic storylines in these, with more episodes set to be added further down the line.


And if that wasn’t enough, Finn and Jake’s treehouse has replaced the main menu of the game, so you can sort of hang out there while you’re starting a game. I guess.

You can grab the extra content right now for nothing at all from Google Play and the App Store.