Courtesy of a partnership between Square Enix and developer gumi, Western fans of Final Fantasy have something more than pinball to look forward to this summer as we march ever closer to release of the series’ long-awaited fifteenth installment in the fall.

Titled Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, this latest mobile adventure will be headed for Western iOS and Android devices at no cost, opting for the the “free with in-app purchases” route. And while Square Enix has an admittedly spotty history with that pricing model (I’m looking at you, All the Bravest), this latest mobile series entry is being billed as a full-out RPG adventure.

Following the story of two knights in the kingdom of Grandshelt on their pursuit of a contested crystal, Brave Exvius is said to include free-roaming quests, towns, dungeons, and substantial boss battles, with your party characters even being able to make use of the summons that are so central to the classic series.

For those who are particularly excited at the prospect of spending their summer days with some on-the-go turn-based action, Square Enix has even created a landing page where you can pre-register to show your interest. Registration adds “Crystal Points” to a communal total, and provided certain milestones are met, all those who signed up will be awarded in-game items and currency upon release.