UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter is a turn-based puzzle game from PlayStation Mobile Inc. It’s meant to be a companion to Uncharted 4, sure, but it’s a pretty decent standalone puzzler in its own right. Gamezebo’s UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter tips, cheats and strategies will help you avoid deadly hazards and stock up on keys as you attempt to hoard ALL THE TREASURE.

Getting around in once piece

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter Tips, Cheats and Strategies
The basic goal of each level is to simply reach the relic (or whatever it is) that sits on a gold pedestal. It’s nothing that can’t be solved with a little trial and error, but the real trick is figuring out how to reach the end within a set number of moves. Because finishing a puzzle fast enough earns a key, and keys are needed to open boxes full of all sorts of goodies.

  • Physically Drake across tiles is all that counts. Interacting with anything else in the level – such as pressing buttons, shooting objects, or even claiming a relic – will not be counted towards your movement goal. By the same token, no matter the number of steps Drake takes during a single move action, it will still only count as one move.
  • Move rules apply to everything else as well. Some hazards, such as the dart-shooting traps, will fire or move or both every time Drake takes a step. The thing is, it’s only ever when he takes a step. Simply interacting with something will not trigger them, leaving you free to toggle things on and off as many times as you’d like without the fear of being skewered.

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Pay attention to Drake’s markings. Every time you interact with a button/pressure plate/etc, Drake will make a note of it in his journal. This will result in the button or whatever it is, as well as every other object in the level that’s affected by it, being marked with a symbol. This will help you keep track of what will toggle what on and off, and generally make solving puzzles a little easier.
  • Tile movement will interrupt Drake. You’ll want to remember this once things like pressure plates start to enter the mix. As floor tiles begin to alternate between being accessible and, well, not, you’ll have to account for the changes because any path you draw out for Drake will be interrupted once a tile disappears – even if it comes back during the same movement action.
  • You won’t always be able to get everything in a single run. Most of the time stuff like mystical orbs (a.k.a premium currency) and treasures will require you to waste a move or two in order to collect them, meaning you won’t be able to grab them and earn the key for that level. It’s no big deal, though. Just complete the level quickly to get the key, then replay it to go back for the extra goodies. Or vice-versa.

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Sometimes a level’s layout will give you clues on how to move. Lots of stages, especially those with rotating dart shooters, can be tricky to complete using large movements – you’ll probably get shot a lot, or be forced to take smaller steps and lose out on the key. But if you look hard at the way the level is designed, you might be able to spot the correct path. Things like collapsing tiles that are far away from what looks to be the main path usually mean you’ll end up needing to cross over them at some point.
  • Keep an eye out for treasures. Treasure collectibles won’t actually display an icon on a completed level unless you actually collect them, so if you’re not careful you could very well end up missing one or two and not know where they were. Be on the lookout for their telltale gold sparkle.

How to spend your loot

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter Tips, Cheats and Strategies
Both currencies in UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter (Gold and Mystical Orbs) have multiple uses. However, some of the ways you can spend them are something of a waste.

  • Save your gold for top-tier costumes. You can spend it on unlocking new areas early, but you’ll unlock those areas simply by playing the levels that come before them so this is kind of pointless. Try to save up the 15K needed for the Mo-Cap Nate (grants two extra moves towards earning keys) or the Pegleg Nate (25% extra gold from puzzles) costumes instead as they’ll provide you with something much more worthwhile.

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Don’t waste Mystical Orbs on continues. Spending an orb will only take you back one move, so if you’re having a tough time with a puzzle it won’t help you much at all. If you really need assistance with a difficult one, spend them on hints instead. Though I think perseverance is still the best choice.
  • Extra coins aren’t a bad way to spend your orbs. You can trade in 10 orbs for 7,500 gold in the Store tab on the main menu. Assuming you save your orbs, and maybe get some extra goodies from loot boxes, you should be able to get enough for either of those two game-changing costumes I mentioned.

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • If you have or are planning on getting Uncharted 4, you can connect UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter to your account to unlock in-game rewards. Tap on the Rewards tab on the main menu, then select Sign In at the top of the screen. This will connect the two, and start sharing your Fortune Hunter goodies (such as outfits, hats, guns, relics, and boosters) with the console game.