Battleborn Tap is 2K Games’s way of keeping you hooked on Battleborn, whether you’re at your console, PC, or your smartphone. The idle clicker mechanic means you can leave it do its thing, but you’re going to do a whole lot better if you know how to play the system.

Gamezebo’s Battleborn Tap tips, cheats and strategies will help you out with some useful ideas on just what to do to get ahead, and gain those new characters a little faster than usual.

Never Quit

Keep the game running at all times. It’ll work in the background, but you want to make sure it’s active in some way. You’ll earn coins while you’re away that way. Just leaving it for an hour or two can reward you with a ton of coins when you make it back.

Recruitment Order

Battleborn Tap: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Don’t stress too much about who you recruit first. Their HP and DPS levels follow the order of whoever’s first, second, and so forth. There’s no great advantage in waiting it out for a certain allocation.
  • Having said that, once you’ve played through the game a few times, you want to take gear into consideration. As you play, you’ll unlock equipment, so focus on the heroes with the most gear. It can make quite a difference.
  • Abilities can also play a role here, but this is going to depend on your playing style. Mike’s healing ability is pretty useful, as well as Rath’s area of effect attack. Consider hiring them pretty early on.
  • Use those abilities wisely. You’ve got to take their cool down times into consideration, so don’t waste them. Early on in the game, you can fly through levels way faster than that 10 minute cool down period, so don’t bother wasting them here. They’re great in tough boss battles though, where a timer can thwart your route to success.

Leveling Up

Battleborn Tap: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • There are a lot of different options when it comes to leveling up. You want to try to keep things balanced. Level up each hero a couple of rungs at a time. Work on their maximum level upgrades (that make them even more powerful) when money is flowing a bit faster, but do weigh up where the biggest DPS boost is coming from.
  • Don’t neglect health either. There’s not much point having a super strong hero if they keep getting knocked out every other wave. When it feels like their health is dipping too quickly, or other heroes are way tougher, that’s when you need to bump up the HP.
  • Don’t waste the premium credits on reviving. It’s not worth it, when those credits can be put to much better use.

How to Get More Credits

Battleborn Tap: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • See that helicopter drone that keeps flying past while you’re playing? Tap it and you gain a bonus. Sometimes, it’s a ton of coins. Another time, it might be a buff to boost your damage or health for a while, or even multiply how much each coin is worth. The best one, though? An option to watch a video to gain some extra credits. It’s not exciting, but those credits are great and very useful.
  • You can usually watch another video too, by hitting the button on the top right of the screen to gain some more credits. It’s dull, but convenient.
  • Also, aim to complete as many achievements as possible. You’ll gain plenty of credits that way, and they’re rarely hard to complete. Usually, you get them simply by playing the game as usual, such as by unlocking new abilities or reviving heroes.
  • Why do you want all these credits? You can use them to buy special packs that offer you extra gear and coins. A free pack is available every 30 minutes, but it’s the epic packs that reap the best rewards.
  • Save all these packs until you’re at least level 10 though, otherwise the rewards are a bit lacklustre.

Prestige Late

Early on, you’re going to want to Prestige as soon as possible to gain new characters. That’s a good idea at first, but soon you’re going to want to wait it out. The longer you hold out, the more artefacts and mythstones you can gain. These carry on into the resets, meaning you get stronger every time. That’s how you’ll end up surviving longer every time.