Just when you thought Supercell’s Clash Royale team was occupied 24 hours a day with card balancing comes evidence that they can squeeze in time for some new content too.

The game’s latest update brings new cards, some of which are probably already being used to kick your butt. There’s a bit of a fire theme going on, specifically with the Fire Spirits (a new Common card), the Furnace (a Rare card that pumps out Fire Spirits) and the Lava Hound (a Legendary card that yours truly will probably never own). Look for Guards, Miner and Sparky to round out the new additions.

Supercell has also given you more incentive to play Clash Royale, as if you needed it. You can now win gold in every battle, even if your chest slots are full. Plus the Crown Chest is just all around better, and the drop rates for the better chests have been improved. More rewards all around!

Of course there were card balance tweaks as well, including a shrinking lifetime for the Bomb Tower (thank you!), less hitpoints for the Cannon and some mass changes to range values. You can get all the details on the Clash Royale blog.

If you’ve made it to the end of this post and have no idea what I’m talking about, that means you’ve somehow avoided downloading Clash Royale to this point. Congrats on either your determination or your stubbornness to remain out of the loop. You can rectify that by hitting up the App Store or Google Play, but trust me, you’ll soon hate the Furnace as much as I do.