Late last week Capcom soft-launched their latest Monster Hunter mobile title, Monster Hunter Explore, onto the Canadian App Store. The Monster Hunter franchise has always been one that I’ve looked in on from the outside, but I’ve always heard good things, so I was eager to give Explore a try.

I can already tell that Monster Hunter Explore is a deep game filled with lots of things to do. Lots of things, mind you, that an energy bar is not present to restrict me from undertaking. You read that correctly: you can play this free-to-play game forĀ as long as you want.

What I found most impressive is that Capcom has managed to streamline the Monster Hunter experience to be playable with a single finger, ideally your thumb. Playing in portrait mode, players control both movement and attacking through a centralized digital joystick at the bottom of the screen. Sidebar buttons around the digital joystick allow for additional utility, easily accessible with a quick tap.

The game also features multiplayer co-op (with up to 3 other players), though because of low player populations in game at this time, I’ve only been able to experience that once. I’m hoping that becomes a more viable option following Monster Hunter Explore’s full release.

With a dozen weapons to choose from and tons of monsters to battle, Monster Hunter Explore has certainly hit the ground running. There’s no word on a more wide-spread release release date, but we’ll let you know just as soon as Monster Hunter Explore is available worldwide.