April is shaping up to be a surprisingly quiet month by App Store standards. Yes, there are still hundreds of games hitting the mobile market every week — but there haven’t been a lot of standouts lately. I think we’re hitting a bit of a dry spell.

Still — six notable games is nothing to sneeze at! Especially when half of them have been hotly anticipated for months (if not years). Which ones are we most excited about? Read on and take you best guess!

LOUD on Planet X

loud on planet x

Lane defense meets rhythm gaming in the most indie rock game of all time. Players will do more than just rock out to the tunes of top acts like CHVRCHES and Metric — you’ll get to play as them too! Thinks Guitar Hero meets Plants vs Zombies, and you’ll get a good sense of what’s on offer here.

Fallen London

fallen london

We reviewed Fallen London as a browser game back in 2012 and gave it a perfect score. There’s very good reason for that. It’s a well-told story with plenty of flexibility and room to define your own tale. The game has no doubt grown and changed in the ensuing years, so we’re stoked to dive back into this faux-Victorian world of narrative adventure now that it fits on our phones.

Pang Adventures

pang adventures

Pang, or “Buster Bros.” as we North Americans knew it, was anĀ classic arcade game back in the 80’s — and one that’s been long overdue for a resurgence. This week sees the return of this bubble-splitting series with a brand new adventure on your phone or tablet.

Orbit’s Odyssey

orbit's odyssey

Running away is hard — especially when you’re being pursued be robot monsters on a tiny planet. Orbit’s Odyssey is a fast-paced puzzler about using portals to avoid seemingly certain doom.

Tormentum – Dark Sorrow


A new point-and-click adventure that quietly slipped underĀ our radar, Tormentum looks a little like would would have happened if HR Giger worked for LucasArts. That alone is enough to pique our curiosity.

Tropical Wars

tropical wars

High seas adventure is the name of the game in Tropical Wars, a new free-to-play battle game that pits your fleet of ships against other players. Also, the pirates are koalas. THE PIRATES. ARE. KOALAS.