Spellspire from 10tons is a spelling-based casual RPG that lets you battle baddies with your words. The game imposes some strong time pressures along with increasingly complex enemy strengths and resistances so you’ll need more than an expansive vocabulary to achieve victory. If you want to rise through the ranks of spelling wizards and make it to the top of the Spellspire monster castle, check out Gamezebo’s Spellsire tips, cheats and strategies.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Spellspire tips cheats strategies

While it may be enticing to watch the battle happening above your spelling board, just focus on your letters and spell as fast as you can. You can’t change weapons or robes in medias res, so your only activity should be to spell your heart out. You will be held back from attacking when you can’t yet, so just keep going for as long as the sword is lit up green. Be warned, the red arrow is not a backspace button and will remove all of your letters at once; if you want to remove just one letter, tap it to disappear.

Prior to entering the battle, you’ll see the order of enemies you’ll be facing, so keep that order in mind as you’re using your words. Use obvious, small words to get through the easier or weaker henchmen as they appear and try to remember longer words for the more difficult monsters. Early in the game, those tough monsters happen at the end of the level, but as you progress they are scattered amongst the group, sometimes even being the first one you face. You can occasionally kill multiple monsters with one powerful word, but it will only work for those visible on screen.

Spellspire tips cheats strategies

If you’re about to battle a new monster you haven’t seen before, you’ll get a “New monster ahead” warning. That pop-up will actually stay until you dismiss it, so use it as a chance to collect your thoughts and rest for a brief moment before continuing. Don’t worry too much about remembering the details; you can refer to them in your Monsterpedia later.


Once you have a wand, robe and hat, you’ll want to focus on upgrading your hat first. Hats offer both health and damage points making them the best investment early on. Getting a good mix of strengths (i.e. fire and frost or poison and gold) will help you in the regular levels, but for boss levels you’ll want to go heavy on anything your boss has a weakness to.

Invest in the Monsterpedia as soon as you can. Before each level you’ll be given a list of which monsters you’ll be battling. Because each monster has different strengths and weaknesses, choose your gear according to the most powerful monsters you’ll be facing.


Spellspire tips cheats strategies

If you’ve been lucky enough to find a one-time use inventory items, save it for the toughest foe or for one with resistance to your existing strengths. Until you upgrade your bag, you can only hold one inventory item so you may want to keep it until another shows up and then use it on whomever is nearest. You’ll have the option to upgrade your bag early on, but there aren’t enough inventory drops to make that upgrade worth doing for a while; save your coins for wardrobe upgrades.


Prior to wasting a life on any boss level (marked by the ominous silhouette and gargoyle), you will need to upgrade your gear as high as it will go. Most bosses will do more damage in one move than you have health, so you’ll need to do as much damage as possible before they can make their move. For example, freezing a boss on your attack is an effective way to get some more time to do more damage, so long as your boss isn’t immune to frost. But ultimately, you’ll need to gear up according to the boss and then max out everything before heading to battle.

You likely won’t earn enough coins in the battles between bosses to upgrade your gear meaningfully, so you’ll have to go back and replay levels to earn stars and coin bonuses. Replaying any level costs lives, so be prepared to grind or pay. Timed bonus chests will offer coins or lives; pick coins if you’re going to have time for lives to respawn and pick lives if you’re going to be playing for a while.